Monday, 14 July 2014


Ah, my evening at Fareshare.

I spent a happy couple of hours volunteering at Tesco a few weeks ago asking shoppers to buy an extra item in their shopping and to donate it to Fareshare. Each shopper, that is, the ones who didn't pretend to be on their phones or pretend not to see me, received a list of dry goods such as teabags, pasta and rice.

Some people surprise you with their generosity and it's never the people who you think it will be. Some people lecture you about how people shouldn't need to be fed or how it's these "bloody people on benefits". But you in turn may be surprised at how easy it is - just a lost job, an accident or an illness - and a lot of us are just one rent cheque away from being homeless or hungry.

A big thank you to everyone who contributed. Including a very surprised MrM who didn't know I was there but bought a carrier bag of long life milk and some tins.


FareShare is supporting more than 1,290 charities across the UK, including homeless shelters, breakfast clubs for children and women’s refuge centres, helping to feed 62,200 people every day. These charities offer not only a meal but invaluable support to some of the poorest people in society. As demand for our services is increasing, your support for the
Neighbourhood Food Collection is vital and will enable us to provide our member charities with even more food.

As the trolley fills with donations, Tesco will pack the goods ready for delivery to one of FareShare’s 18 Regional Centres across the country. We’ll then distribute this food to the 1,296 charities we work with, including soup kitchens, drug rehabilitation centres and luncheon clubs for older people.

FareShare is a national charity fighting hunger and its underlying causes by redistributing surplus food from the food industry to over 1,290 local charities across the UK. These charities, including homeless shelters, women’s refuge centres, breakfast clubs for children and luncheon clubs for the elderly, offer not only a meal but invaluable support to some of the poorest people in society. They each save on average £13,000 a year, which can be reinvested into vital services to help get people back on their feet.

Last year the food redistributed by FareShare contributed towards more than 12 million meals and now helps to feed 62,200 vulnerable people every day.

The majority of the food FareShare redistributes is surplus and would otherwise go to waste. This is mainly fresh produce, such as fruit, vegetables and meat.

FareShare has 18 Regional Centres that provide the infrastructure for the distribution of this food. The charities supplied include homeless shelters, breakfast clubs for children and luncheon clubs for the elderly, offering not only a nutritional meal but invaluable services to help address the causes of why that individual is going hungry.

Tuesday, 10 June 2014


We had an amazing time at the World Nettle Eating Championships at the weekend (incidentally where a new world record was set by someone who ate 80 feet of nettles in an hour.

As the McBaby couldn't understand what was going on, despite my explanation. "One last time, people EAT as many nettles as they can.....", so we had to let him run around where he happened upon a lucky dip stall run by the RNLI.

He won a packet of crayons and a tube that made a dolphin noise when you turned it upside down. Both were broken before the hour of nettle eating was up.....

Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Sainsbury's looking for charity of the year

Sunday, 11 May 2014


Ring ring!
Who's there?
It's me! I'm the first person to put a mobile phone (AKA a housebrick) into the collection bucket for Heart Start, a local charity that provides training on how to save lives.

Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Friday, 25 April 2014

British Red Cross and CRUSE bereavement care

After eating the obligatory cake and losing at tombola - today in aid of Cruse bereavement care (where, I might add, we enjoyed THE FINEST cupcake I've ever had in my life!)- we headed to Rookwood House for a plant sale.

The queen of plant sales!

McBaby loved the beautiful grounds which gave him plenty of room to run and run.

Bumped into our friend Shelley!

So much running in fact, that he decided to have a lie down when he misunderstood what I said about a 'flowerbed'.

Tuesday, 22 April 2014

How to more than double your charity funds....

If you're working with a charity and trying to raise money, then check out Findmeagrant which could match each pound you raise as well as helping with Gift Aid. That's what the Ark Cancer Centre Charity did....

The Ark Cancer Centre Charity has received a huge boost to their campaign to raise £5 million thanks to Greenham Common Trust which has agreed to match donations up to £500,000.
This means that each £1 raised will be matched with another £1 by the Trust. For example, a £50 donation will be worth £100. As an added bonus, the charity will receive an extra 25% of the donation (subject to eligibility) from the Gift Aid scheme.
To make a donation visit click ‘Applications’, type the application reference WB10841 into ‘Search’ and make your donation today. If you would like more information about the charity visit email or telephone 01256 360419