Monday, 17 January 2011

Sunday, 16th January - CLIC Sargent

Through the power of the internet, I've been made aware of a young lady called Dannie who is raising money for the children's charity Clic Sargent. She's doing this by trekking for six days along the Great Wall of China.

She says: "I'm walking for six days straight, all in order to support such a fantastic charity that understands and cares for the needs of children with cancer and their families. Life is short and precious and it would be wonderful to support charities who want to ensure children live the longest and enjoyable life.

"All the money will go directly to the charity and none of it is going to funding the cost of the trip, as all money should go to what is most important - the children."

Good luck!

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  1. Hi PBR, thanks so much for your donation. Its really kind of you and thanks for putting it on here for me.

    All the best with your amazing challenge and think its a lovely idea.xx