Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Wednesday, 26th January - the Salvation Army

Very little effort on my part today; the Salvation Army (I'm fairly sure this is a genuine charity appeal and not a business entreprise) put this bag through my door for me to fill with things for them to sell in their shop. The shop here in Newbury is brilliant; it's in a lovely spot right next to the canal and has a real rummage feel to it. I've often been in and been amazed at the items crammed in there; I seem to remember buying a fabulous 1930s home economics book which had a wealth of information, including "how to set a tray for an invalid", and an old dress from "St Michael" that I wear as a top!

So, there's no excuse for not decluttering here. Once I've filled this bad boy with books, clothes and probably bedding, I'll leave it outside for them to collect on the designated day.

The Salvation Army is a worldwide evangelical Christian Church and human service agency that is also one of the largest, most diverse providers of social services in the UK after the Government. It was founded in East London in 1865, and works in 120 countries worldwide.

The Salvation Army also supports the work of the emergency services by providing refreshments, shelter and counselling at major incidents.

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