Monday, 28 February 2011

End of month 2 - review of February

So it's March tomorrow - where has the time gone?!

February has been a success; again, I've had no trouble finding charities, in fact, I've noticed the same names popping up but February has been a more varied month than January, so from now on I'm going to work harder to find charities rather than them finding me!

I’ve donated just under £100 this month but I feel I could make better use of donating my time!

One thing that Mr M and I did in February was to house someone in our spare room who found herself homeless for a bit. She’s now found somewhere to stay and is moving out shortly, but we really enjoyed doing something practical to help and having her company.

Next month I’m going to try to ensure charities are more local and also get ideas from friends and families.

I also was advised by a friend in cyberspace that someone else is doing a similar charity challenge to mine; great minds obviously think alike! I thought I had come up with the idea when I was plodding up and down the swimming pool, but this guy actually started his way before I did and donates $10 a day to different charities!

Roll on March and please get in touch if you have a favoured charity!

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