Sunday, 20 February 2011

Sunday, 20th February - Help for Heroes

I had such a great time in BCN that I was thrilled to note that I had some Euros left over! I combined these with some Norwegian Krone and Indian Rupees that I had from last year's holidays and put them in a Help for Heroes collection box.

Help for Heroes was formed only a few years ago and helps injured soldiers. While I admire soldiers and the brilliant this great charity does for them, but if I ruled the world, we wouldn't be sending people to war.

From the Guardian:

"Have you returned from holiday with unwanted currency, or got old foreign coins and notes mouldering away in the back of a drawer?

Visa Europe estimates that UK travellers will have amassed unused foreign currency worth more than £900m by the end of this year.

Some 64% of travellers return from abroad with foreign currency and this year the average holidaymaker is coming home with just over £28 in notes and coins.

Just 5% of people change the money back into sterling. The rest stockpile it at home, with only half planning to use it on their next holiday and at least 10% admitting that the cash will, in all likelihood, languish in a drawer or dressing table indefinitely.

Of the 36% of people who don't bring any currency home, the majority say they try to use it all on their last day, or spend it in airport shops, with a third admitting they buy items they don't really need, or want, in a last-minute bid to get rid of the cash.

Worse still, 17% admit they have thrown away the money on returning, rather than be lumbered with loose change. Only 4% donate it to charity, even though it's easy to hand it over to good causes."

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