Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Wednesday, 13th February - RSPCA

I love this charity shop on Cheap Street - it's so cosy, the staff are nice and there's a treasure trove of stock, which is reasonably priced and totally varied! As an added bonus today, they were playing Elvis on the stereo! Today, I brought in yet another bag of clothes and books as well as a couple of photo frames and candles - I reckon I could fill a carrier bag every day of the year with all the clutter in our tiny house!

The Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty of Animals is an animal welfare charity whose name does what it says on the tin and has done since 1824. It was founded in a coffee shop by a group of men whose first concern was to do something to help pit ponies.

Perhaps I'm a bit naive because I just want an easy life where I treat people and animals well, but I always wonder why cruelty to animals still goes on, particularly in the UK where we consider ourselves to be a nation of animal lovers?

Interestingly, Charles Dickens and Thomas Hardy were both avid supporters of the RSPCA in the early days and the other thing I seem to remember from my law studies that the RSPCA is the only organisation other than the police that can prosecute in a criminal court, but I may be wrong!

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