Saturday, 26 March 2011

Friday, 25th March - Oxfam

I was back in my hometown today, Sherborne in Dorset, which is a beautiful town with a fabulous selection of independent shops that I spent my lunch hour visiting. Equally, it has fantastic charity shops; Tenovus (the woman in here was so lovely and friendly), St Margaret's Hospice and Joseph Weld Hospice, to name but three. However, I went back to Oxfam (forgetting the little spat that Oxfam and I had in January) and spent £10 on books. It was almost as if an older version of me had been into the shop just before me and dropped off a selecion of books that I'd want to read; Angela Carter novels, women's management books and a book called "The End of Poverty" that I'd wanted to read since I saw the film "The End of Poverty?" (note that the film has a question mark while the book title doesn't) that the director of TJN that I mentioned a few posts back appeared in.

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