Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Tuesday, 22nd March - Marie Curie Cancer Care

I don't think MrM has time to read my blog, so maybe it was the back of the wardrobe falling out that alerted him to the need of a clearout. He stacked up a pile of clothes that he said I could take to the charity shop, and I took half of these and put them with a bag of books that I don't think I will read again. (Far from the madding crowd? Took me far too long the first time - won't be reading that again!).

The other half of MrM's shirts have been safely stowed as I know that we'll need them as I manage to ruin an average of a shirt a month via a combination of inattention while ironing, not separating the washing thoroughly enough or leaning them to dry on things that stain.

So after I spent the morning at the National Motorcycle Museum for the Electric Vehicle Showcase today, I popped into Solihull and found a Marie Cancer Care shop to donate to, with the lady behind the counter seeming very happy about the bag of goodies.

Marie Curie Cancer Care started in 1948, when a generous soul donated their engagement ring, raising £4,000.

The charity now provides specialist homes for the care of cancer patients and looks after patients at home. They also educate the public on the symptoms and treatment of cancer.

Putting patients and families first
Our vision
Everyone with cancer and other illnesses will have the high quality care and support they need at the end of their life in the place of their choice.

Our core value
We put patients and families first.


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