Saturday, 18 June 2011

"Lisa to be shut in house for a week alone"

I happened to see this in the Reading Chronicle and thought it was a brilliant idea for a fundraiser - I was racking my brains yesterday and thinking that every fundraising idea had probably already been covered, but this is a great idea! The idea is that a group of people live for a week in total isolation with no phone or social contact, to raise awareness of what life is like for the thousands of elderly people who live alone.

Lisa Church
Age: 30

From: Reading

Occupation:PR Consultant

I live in Reading with my husband and have lived in Berkshire all my life. I work in PR in London and the daily commute has become part of my life over the past five years. During week day evenings I enjoy relaxing with my husband and friends, doing exercise classes and reading. At weekends I enjoy meeting friends for drinks, going to the cinema, ice skating and catching up with family.

I am taking part in this experiment as I think it will be very interesting. It is easy to get wrapped up in your life, which is full of independence, socialising, seeing people when you want and having down time when you want. My Nan lives alone and although my Mum visits her when she can at weekends my Nan is often alone during the week. Getting out and about on her own is becoming more difficult for her now. I think this week will be very enlightening and show just how lonely life can be for the elderly, which one day we may face.

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