Sunday, 17 July 2011

Sunday, 17th July - West Berkshire Hospital League of Friends

Thanks for the lovely comments- it's heartening to know I'm not talking to myself!

Today, I braved the wind and rain and went to a bootsale in aid of the West Berkshire Hospital League of Friends. I was astonished that the bootsale was still on, but when I arrived and started nosing around the books, the heavens really opened and the rain started pouring biblically, and that's when people started packing up. Shame - I had my eye on a gorgeous plate and an enormous bowl as well, but they all got flung quickly into the backs of cars!

Long live the British summer!

The West Berkshire Hospital was officially opened in 2004 -(I know this because I was sent there to cover its opening on my first day working for the local paper and also as I have here the special 12-page newspaper supplement my husband wrote beforehand!) It was built on a plot of land worth £4m that was left to the town specifically for a hospital by an elderly spinster called Rosemary Rooke who kept goats on the site.

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