Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Wednesday, 20th July - Dingle Family Centre

At the beginning of the year, at the same time that I started this charity blog, I decided that I would not buy any new clothes this year. Well, today I buckled. I have put on so much weight recently that I needed a top to cover my belly, so to ease the shame, I headed to a certain supermarket before 9am and bought two which hide everything brilliantly!
While I was there, I contributed to their charity collection which was for DIngley Family and Specialist early years centres.

Dingley Family and Specialist Early Years Centres is a charity that provides a place where children, from birth to five years, with special needs and disabilities come to develop skills through therapeutic play. More than this, it is a place where their parents and carers are welcome, where they can make friends and share experiences.

Every child who attends is regarded as an individual with the right to take a full and active part in every day life and Dingley aims to facilitate their entry into full-time education.

Qualified staff plan specific programmes tailored to each family's needs. The child's development is nurtured through therapeutic play and the group works in partnership with parents, carers and health care professionals

Children with additional needs require more play experience to realise their full potential. There are many therapeutic play opportunities on offer at the centres that are geared to all stages of development.

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