Monday, 22 August 2011

Monday, 22nd August -- Oxfam

Last week was the birthday of MrM's friend's lovely girlfriend Sarah. I was horrified that I missed her birthday, because I knew it was approaching but still managed not to send her a card in time. She is also such a lovely, lovely person - talented, creative and very sweet.

So I decided that she would be the ideal recipient of an Oxfam card with donation. I chose the gift of giving safe clean drinking water for 10 people in Ethopia but little did I know that it would have been simpler and less stressful to deliver the water myself!

Happy birthday Sarah!!

Oxfam Unwrapped’s safe water gift provides a crystal clear solution that’ll protect people like Niema in Ethiopia. Niema used to walk miles to the river every day. The water was dirty and often caused sickness. But not anymore.

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