Monday, 22 August 2011

Saturday, 20th August - Oxfam

I actually did this on Monday, but I was still in the middle of a field this weekend!

Why, why, why after all the times I've been treated so badly in Newbury's Oxfam shop, do I still keep going back? And it's only this store - I've never had a problem with any other!

Is it my fault for not being Caucasian? Or am I expecting too much? When I handed over my wedding dress, I expected a thank you, which I didn't get. This time when I went in, I waited for 10 minutes by the till for the lady to put some dresses out, then she didn't say sorry or thanks for waiting, she merely stared at me.

I despair.


  1. What a shame! Can't believe they treat you like that, they really should be thanking you. Thankfully they are only a minute minority of this charity and am sure if Oxfam new what they were like they wouldn't be happy.xx

  2. Fortunately, it's only my local shop - I've had fantastic service in all of their other shops! I wonder if there's a picture of me next to the till? :D