Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Wednesday, 17th August - National Childbirth Trust

Today's charity thing was accidentally joining the budget-busting National Childbirth Trust! The midwife who is meant to be looking after us tried and failed to pass us onto another midwife, so is not remotely interested in our questions and has certainly not given us any useful information, so I've had to look elsewhere for answers to my silly questions!

The pricey NCT has proved to be quite useful though, with local information sessions, meet ups for bumps and even a sale later in the year for all that baby equipment. Well, some of it, anyway, I imagine that competition will be fierce and I have never experienced elbows as sharp as those of mothers!

So, today I signed MrM and I up for pre-natal classes. These cost £200 and then they added on membership at £39. I had to close my eyes and think of life on a white sandy beach as the payment went through, a visualisation technique that they will probably end up teaching us in these classes!

I intend to make the very most of my year's membership and will be attending every NCT event in our town, starting tomorrow with a coffee morning.

Our society does not always recognise the importance of parents. That’s why, as well as helping individual mums and dads, we campaign to improve services and facilities for all new parents.

Local branch support
Our nationwide network of local branches has evolved to reach and support all parents and parents-to-be during a time of major change in their lives. This is made possible thanks to the dedication of our volunteers, who organise a wide range of social activities and events to enable local parents to meet and access support.

Every new parent faces a steep learning curve. We provide evidence based information in easy-to-understand formats, via our website, our e-newsletter, helplines, courses, magazines and other publications. Our information sheets, such as ‘Understanding your baby’s sleep’ offer more in-depth information and are used by health professionals as well as NCT practitioners.

Courses for parents
NCT knows how important it is for parents to find the information they need to prepare for their new life. That’s why we offer a range of courses to support them through their transition. NCT antenatal courses helps them work out how to approach labour, practice birthing positions and breathing, as well as parenting skills. Our postnatal classes aim to help them feel more confident and supported in their new life as a parent. Both our courses provide lots of emotional support, from both the teacher and from the other parents-to-be in the class.

Our helplines offer access to specialist information and support on pregnancy and birth and breastfeeding, from highly-trained breastfeeding counsellors and antenatal teachers. Our helpline also offers postnatal support with issues such as crying, sleep and depression in the weeks after birth.

We also have a Shared Experiences Helpline for those who have had a challenging experience during their pregnancy, birth or early parenthood which enables callers to talk to a volunteer who has had a similar experience.

Nearly New Sales
The cost of kitting out a child for the first five years can run into thousands of pounds. NCT Nearly New Sales are the perfect solution. You’ll find high-quality baby and children’s clothes, toys and equipment at bargain prices, straight from their loving owners. Find your nearest sale in your area.

Bumps and Babies groups
These small, friendly, local groups give new parents and parents-to-be the chance to meet regularly, socialise and make new friends.

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