Saturday, 17 September 2011

Saturday, 17th September -Save the Children

Thanks to, I had the honour of attending a conference organised by Save the Children. It was hosted at their HQ in Farringdon and brought together leading bloggers, youtubers and other guests to discuss blogging and also find out more about Save the Children's current campaigns and their work in East Africa.

We heard live via phone from a healthworker called Lucy in south Sudan who told great stories about the lives she'd saved and the babies that she'd helped deliver in awful conditions with no infrastructure. A campaigner called Liliesarelike showed her film about her visit to Mozambique where she followed the journey of a vaccine from its creation to being given to a child. She cleverly compared her easy experience with vaccinating her son to the journey of four hours that some mothers make on foot to get vaccination for their children.

There were great tips from established bloggers:

We then heard from Save the Children's director of emergencies who gave a passionate talk about the situation in East Africa. We all know that things are bad there, but his talk was an eyeopener.

He told us - unbelievably, that 750,000 will die in Somalia if nothing is done. People, and children are dying RIGHT NOW. A worker on the phone from Somalia told us she'd seen two graves being dug for two 6month old baby girls. This is unforgiveable and something must be done.

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Thank you. And thank you Save the CHildren.

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