Monday, 24 October 2011

Saturday, 22nd October - Cancer Research UK

You know that thing people do when they ask you to name the six people that you would invite to a dinner party? One guest who just keeps being invited again and again to my party is the fabulous Martin Lewis - Money Saving Expert.

Not only has he saved me, and also, thousands of people like me, a bunch of money, he seems to be a really nice chap - enthuasiastic, clever and passionate.

So I spotted that he is running the Great South Run.

Hi folks. I'd love it if you'd sponsor me for the Great South Run (having been a fat boy at school, running's relatively new to me, this is only my second and by far my longest). Of course do it via gift aid. Also I pledge to match all donations up to a maximum total of £5,000.

While I'd love to raise money, as like many, cancer has hit both mine and Mrs MSE's lives. Please don't donate if you're struggling financially. Though if you can afford something, perhaps as you've saved money on the back of the site or one of my appearances - then that would be fantastic.


And another lovely note once you donate:

Thanks so much for your donation. Its really kind of you to do so. Fingers crossed I can make it through the run now and do you justice. My target time is 1 hour 35 (though being super-competitive in my head Im thinking 1 hour 30) I'll let you know on my blog how it goes - and if I make it.


PS Just to note, call me a soppy git, but Im actually quite moved at how many people I've never met are donating. Thank you so very much.

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