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Sunday, 27th November - Vision Aid Overseas

My declutter is ongoing and one of the items to be filed under the OUT list was a pair of MrM's glasses that I found - the arm had broken and he'd just bought a new pair so I asked him if I could take them to the optician to send on to an African charity.

He said that was fine and I put the glasses, in a box, at the foot of the stairs to remind me to take them in. So a few days pass and I decide to take them. I lock the front door and just check that the glasses are in the box. That's funny - they're not broken?

Then I realise that MrM has swapped the two pairs over and that I was inches away from taking his new glasses back to the shop. He does not know this and now he has stronger glasses, I'm in danger of his reading it on here.

Anyway, Vision Express seemed pleased and a nice lady in the local branch told me that they get sent to prison to get repaired before being sent onto a charity called Vision Aid Overseas.

Vision Express celebrates five years of support for Vision Aid Overseas

15 February 2010 - Vision Express is celebrating its fifth year of support for optical charity Vision Aid Overseas by making a donation of £60,732 following store fundraising support throughout 2009. The donation comes at the end of a tough financial year for businesses and not-for-profit organisations in the UK and Ireland and demonstrates the enormous commitment that Vision Express staff and stores have for the aims of Vision Aid Overseas.

Vision Express has supported Vision Aid Overseas since 2005 and in five years has helped to raise over £205,000 towards their work. This support has been vital towards supporting the delivery of a programme that has helped over 250,000 patients. Vision Aid Overseas aims to transform access to quality eyecare in developing countries through the creation of Vision Centres, the training of local eyecare personnel and the provision of outreach services in areas away from existing facilities.

The fundraising support has been led by staff members from Vision Expresses’ 320 stores based in the UK and Ireland. Initiatives have ranged from collecting donations for repairs and adjustments to running fundraising days including raffles, money collections and prize draws. Vision Express staff have also participated in half-marathons and bike rides to raise funds and awareness.

Many Vision Express professional employees also support Vision Aid Overseas by travelling on volunteer programmes in Africa and India. Mark Harris, a dispensing optician and Product Manager at Vision Express, recently travelled to Ethiopia to take part in a programme of supervision and mentoring for optical trainees. “It is such a good feeling to know that you are contributing to the future of eyecare in developing countries when you work with Vision Aid Overseas. During my recent project to Ethiopia, the Vision Aid Overseas team and our trainees helped to transform patients lives through the provision of eye examinations and glasses. I am also extremely proud of Vision Expresses’ fantastic fundraising effort because I know what an enormous difference this money will make.”

Jeremy Jalie, Communications Director at Vision Aid Overseas expressed his admiration for the support of Vision Express colleagues: “We are extremely grateful to Vision Express for their fundraising support and for their enormous commitment to the work of Vision Aid Overseas. It is fantastic to have such resounding support from the company and to be supported by individual stores in such a dedicated way. Vision Aid Overseas was built on the support and enthusiasm of individuals and organisations in the optical profession and industry and Vision Express demonstrates that the commitment to improving lives through good vision is still inspiring patients and customers to support our work. Vision Aid Overseas will use the money to utilise the skills of UK optical professionals in the development of eyecare services in our partner countries.”

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