Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Wednesday, 30th November - Community Furniture Project

A lovely lady recently gave MrM and I a lovely crib for the baby. Unfortunately, neither of us can put it up! So MrM today took it to the Community Furniture Project who can make use of it - the baby can sleep in the top drawer of our chest.

The Newbury Community Resource Centre is a registered charity (no.1082243) that runs the Community Furniture Project (Newbury), the Community Reuse Centre at New Greenham Park, the Community Furniture Project (Basingstoke) and the Growing Together Project at Kingsclere.

As well as running the furniture and horticultural projects we provide support and accredited training in practical skills to over 300 volunteers and trainees from all backgrounds, many of them requiring high levels of support due to learning disabilities, learning difficulties, mental health issues or young people with behavioural issues. The income derived from our furniture sales only covers 60% of the costs of all the services we provide so we are always grateful for any financial support people are able to offer us.

For more information about our Growing Together Project please visit

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