Friday, 13 January 2012

Fareshare by Circus Mum

I've finally had a chance to catch up with my blog spying and was very taken with this post by the awesome Circus Mum :

That we live in a world where people throw away food because it happens to have a "best before date" on it, while others are starving just defies belief. Note that it's called a "best before date", not a "don't eat after date".

During harder times, I've been a freegan and have lived perfectly well on the food that's been thrown away. I'm now lucky enough not to have to do this, but absolutely no food has been thrown out in our household for years. I just wouldn't be able to tip food into the bin knowing that there are millions of people starving.

Please have a look at Circus Mum's post if you can - she says it all much better than I can. There's also a link to Fareshare here:

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