Monday, 9 January 2012

Friday, 30th December - YMCA

Another bag of good stuff to the YMCA shop! Books, a table cloth and some expensive, if slightly dated curtains! I had heard a rumour that charity shops aren't accepting at the moment as so many people are having a new year clear out, but that doesn't seem to be the case in sunny Newbury....

There are over 75,000 homeless young people in England. Many young people living on the streets have given up hope and find it hard to believe that anyone cares about the desperate situation they find themselves in.

The YMCA gives young people a safe, warm place to stay, as well as support to help them stay off the streets for good.

We are the largest voluntary provider of safe, secure and affordable supported housing for young people in England. Every night, over 7,000 young people stay at a YMCA in 250 communities throughout England.

Type of Support

Around the country you will find YMCAs which offer a range of support, including:
Emergency accommodation for rough sleepers.
Supported accommodation for young people who might need help in other areas of their lives.
Self-contained, medium-term accommodation for young workers or students.
Move-on accommodation that helps young people live independently.

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