Tuesday, 3 January 2012

My review of the year!

If I hadn't had a baby, I think I would have got there with my challenge, so I'm not going to beat myself up about reaching the beginning of 2012 having left my charity blog unfinished!

It's been a great year and I've learned so much about different charities and the clever things they do to raise money. If I hadn't been pregnant for most of the year, I would have done more exotic things such as swims, runs, parachute jumps and treks along various world heritage sites. As it was, the most challenging thing I did was the Race for Life at 4 months pregnant!

I have some heroes to list here:

1. Marie Curie Cancer Care

2. Sue Ryder - an inspirational woman and a great charity

3. The guy who works in the YMCA shop in Newbury - always welcoming, always cheerful, always says thank you for donations.

4. Dannie - for following my blog so avidly and commenting! It really has cheered me up and kept me going!

5. The NCT - at first these ladies scared the bejesus out of me, but now I really know the amazing support they offer first time mums like me (and also first time mums UNLIKE me, ie those who know a little bit about what they're doing!)

6. The Big Issue - just a brilliant concept, great sellers and a wonderfully readable magazine.

7. The West Berkshire Alzheimer's Society. Their passion and dedication has often brought a tear to my eye. The local group pioneered the concept of Singing for the Brain - I've cried at these sessions watching people with dementia who cannot communicate suddenly come to life when singing or tapping along to familiar songs.

8. Terrence Higgins Trust - very impressed with their personal thank you letter.

9. Bletchley Park -go, go, go!! Amazing!

10. Helen and Douglas House - lovely charity shop, well worth a visit. Classy stocky that's well priced.

And "villains"

1. Oxfam - not as a whole, but just the shop in Newbury. Dreadful rudeness on EVERY occasion, and I am still sore that they didn't thank me for donating my wedding dress!!

2. RSPCA - again a wonderful charity in general but our town's shop has dubious customer service - a real shame as the shop is an absolute treasure trove.

I'm going to keep going until I do something for every day this year and I am going to keep this blog going throughout 2012, although I won't be doing something every day! Thanks for reading.

m xxxx


  1. Well done on completing what has been an amazing challenge and shows what a great person you are. It can't have been easy being pregnant and doing something for charity every day but through your strength and determination you've done fantastic.xx

  2. Dannie - thanks so much for your support and kind words. You are an inspiration and I shall be signing up for your readathon this weekend!! x