Monday, 9 January 2012

Saturday, 31st December - DIngley Family and Specialist Early Years Centres

Today is the last day! Admittedly, I'm running a bit late, but the baby's appearance is to blame for that. (And my inherent laziness!)

I took the little bean to Sainsbury's for a coffee (for me, not him) and put all my change in the pot for DIngley Family and Specialist Early Years Centres thereby ending my challenge for the year! I'm going to keep doing things for charity and listing them here as and when they arrive, but I'm not going to continue trying to ensure I do something for each day.

Thanks for your support!

Dingley Family and Specialist Early Years Centres is a registered charity that provides a place where children, from birth to five years, with special needs and disabilities come to develop skills through play. More than this, it is a place where their parents and carers are welcome, where they can make friends and share experiences.

Every child who attends is regarded as an individual with the right to take a full and active part in every day life and Dingley aims to facilitate their entry into the next stage of education.


  1. Huge, huge congratulations on completing such a fantastic challenge and having the strength and perserverance to complete this challenge. I really do think you are amazing for carrying it out and completing this over the year. Am so pleased for you:-)

  2. I've only just come across this blog after seeing the home birth group come up on my google alerts (thanks so much for donating a book to the group - I've commented below as well). I've had a read through your entries now and just wanted to say "wow"! What an amazing challenge you set yourself and as Dannie says above, huge congratulations for completing it during what must have been a very difiicult and challenging year for you anyway. I'm really impressed with your achievements and for being kind to yourself in ending the daily challenge now you have "the little bean" to look after. I really think you are amazing & I'm proud to know you!

  3. Wow, thanks for the lovely comments! Particularly as the book that I was hoping to offer to the group is not in your hands yet, but sitting by my front door in the hope that the little man and I can make it to the next home birth group meeting! Sorry that you read so much of my drivel and thanks again for your wonderful help - it would have been a very different birth indeed without your support. xxx