Thursday, 5 January 2012

Tuesday, 27th December - Cancer Research UK

MrBaby and I had to visit the doctor today and as the weather wasn't the best, we dried off in Boswells Cafe in the Kennet Centre where I made a donation to their Cancer Research UK collection tin. I then doubled this when the lovely waitress carried my coffee to the table for me!

Fundraise for one hour

You can do a lot in just an hour

Whether you decide to charge an admission fee for your fundraiser, get sponsored by friends or simply ask for a donation, you’ll be helping us to save lives.

Take a look at some of our suggestions below, and get your fundraising pack for loads more!

... hold an office sweepstake

Don’t wait for the next World Cup – who’ll win X Factor or be the next character to leave your favourite soap?

Get your free sweepstake poster in our fundraising pack.

... challenge yourself to a sponsored bounce

Do a sponsored bounce on a trampoline or space hopper – great keep-fit fun for all ages!

... flex those dancing feet

Hold a one hour danceathon or a dance competition, charge for entry and challenge friends to show off their best moves.

... organise festive fundraising

Go carol singing or ask for donations instead of Christmas presents.

... set yourself a hairy challenge

Men – get sponsored to shave your legs / chest / back for charity.

... clear out the cupboards for cash

Going, going, gone! Auction unwanted clothes, furniture, pictures – anything you like.

... bring and buy

Raid your wardrobes and host a clothes sale in your lunch break.

... set up a 'battle of the bands' competition

One hour – one or two songs each and friends donate to cheer each other on or sing along.

... become a karaoke champion

Get your friends together for karaoke and find out who is a soulful superstar and who failed to make the top 40!

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  1. Thanks for the ideas, some of these may come in handy for my fundraising:-)