Monday, 23 January 2012

World Book Night

Just blogging about Dannie's readathon on 4th Feb and funnily enough, this email from World Book Night appears in my inbox. I signed up to be one of their "givers" and thought this was to let me know their decision, but it's a request to spread the word, so I am now making like jam and giving it a spread...

It's January 23rd so we're now only 3 months away from World Book Night and there are only 8 days till giver application closes. We wanted to write to you to let you know what happens next and also ask you to help us spread the word even more.

Next steps

In mid February you'll be informed whether you've been chosen as a World Book Night giver (see below for more information about how givers are chosen and choices allocated) and which book you'll be giving away
We'll ask you to choose immediately which participating local bookshop or library you want to collect your books from
Approximately a week before World Book Night we'll let you know when your books are ready for collection
In the meantime we'll be keeping you informed of some of the exciting things happening for World Book Night 2012

Help us spread the word
We've been overwhelmed by the incredible passion of the applications that we've received. But we still haven't reached our application target and we want as many people as possible to know about World Book Night and have the chance to apply to be a giver to share their love of reading.

So we'd like to ask you to join with us in spreading the word as far and wide as we can whether via twitter, facebook, email or good old fashioned word of mouth. Whatever you do remember to direct people to to sign up (and you can use this special shortened version that goes straight through to the application page

And to make things as easy as possible you can just forward this email to a friend, use the links above to follow us on twitter or facebook and then simply retweet or share our application messages. Or simply copy the message below (be sure to mention which book you've applied to give away and say anything else you want to about your World Book Night plans) and forward it to all your friends.

You probably know that I love books and I'm a passionate reader, so I've signed up with World Book Night so that I can share that passion and help spread a love of reading. I'm hoping to be one of 20,000 people chosen to give away 24 copies of a fantastic book on April 23 to people who don't regularly read. The book I've picked is... and I think it's amazing. The deadline to apply to be a giver is January 31 and you can apply as well or find out more by following this link

How Givers are chosen
We don't want you to worry that by telling your friends about World Book Night your chance of being chosen as a giver diminishes.

Each appliation is time and date stamped so the earlier you apply the more chance you have of being successful and of getting your first choice of books. Givers will only be be chosen first and foremost on their commitment to give books to non-regular readers and the answers to the questions where, who and why are taken in to account regarding this. We're committed to a wide geographic reach of givers across the UK so where you're based does have some influence on the final choice. Finally, though we are looking for 20,000 givers we are only looking for 800 givers per book. Inevitably some books end up being oversubscribed (and we can't tell you which these are) and if you've chosen books for all three choices that have already reached their capacity it will be impossible to allocate you your choices, which is why many givers were disappointed last year. We will endeavour to offer you another option if this is the case.

Thank you so much for your support

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