Sunday, 29 April 2012


I've had no internet for the past few days so nearly forgot about a very interesting Thursday morning coffee morning at St Nics - this time in aid of bereavement charity CRUSE.

My plan was to pop in, then head to get a photo album for the McBaby's pics. For some reason, I'd got one set of pics printed 7x5 and couldn't find an album big enough. Then, I figured, I'd go and meet some friends for lunch and then spend the evening putting said photos in album.

So how weird then that I should win an album that holds 7x5 photos in the tombola? I also won a box of chocolates. But let's not linger on them since they have long gone.

We also bought two children's books - both of which we'd currently got on loan from the library. Another coincidence! I very nearly bought a rocking horse and a height chart. HOwever, when someone is talking to you and then turns their back on you to whisper something rude about your being foreign to their friend, I find that a little off putting and decided to buy cake instead. Ha! I win!

WHile I ate my cake, watched by the McBaby, we were joined by a 90-year-old man who happened to share his name with the little one. This not entirely strange coincidence led to a conversation about his life which ranged from his war time activities where he was held captive in Poland for three years, to a 60-year-long marriage with his wife dying on Christmas day.

I didn't think that a coffee morning to raise money for CRUSE could be so emotional, but I was very close to tears when we left. An amazing man and a very interesting morning. The funny thing was that when I saw someone in the pub roll their eyes when an old person tried to make conversation. This is a tragic waste. I think the McBaby was lucky to meet someone who fought in the war. He was lucky to encounter someone able to give him an insight into an important part of our social history. He was blessed to hear from someone so courageous and interesting. He's also lucky to have a mother who is capable of winning photo albums on the tombola.....

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  1. Wow, that all sounds fantastic. Am really glad that you went and it seems you were rewarded for doing so! I think i's so important to stop and take time out, you never know who you'll be fortunate enough to speak to. That guy sounds really interesting and what a life he's led, i think people forget that the older people have seen such things and lived interesting and different lives.

    Congrats on the photo album, you deserve it for all the support you give to these charities.xx