Thursday, 10 May 2012

National Trust

The McBaby and I were at work yesterday for a "keeping in touch" day, so on the way home we decided to pop into Greys Court, a National Trust property in Rotherfield Greys, near Henley.

Earlier this year, MrM and I signed up to the National Trust, so our entry was free, but I am going to count this as a "charity" thing as I bought a much-needed coffee in the lovely tea room. Being able to nip into a National Trust tearoom is so much more enticing than stopping at services -why didn't I think of this for the past five years when I've been spending so much time on the road!

There was a coach party of older ladies who were very taken with the McBaby who responded by bouncing up and down maniacally. He'd already had far too much female attention from my colleagues in the morning and is turning into a little flirt!

Greys Court was taken over by the National Trust in 1969 but can trace its origins back more than 900 years. Its parklands now host a 16th century house and intriguingly, a Tudor donkey wheel (which we admired briefly before running for cover after getting soaked by yet another downpour).

More info, including details of their forthcoming Jubilee Picnic on 5th June here:

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