Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Newbury and District Cancer Care and BHF

Everything must go!

MrM and I had a massive clearout and sold lots of our stuff at the enormous weekly boot sale at Newbury Racecourse on Sunday morning. The start time is advertised as 9.15am, however, we arrived then in the middle of a wave of traffic and only just secured a pitch.

Cleverly, MrM helped me unload the car and set up before disappearing so that I couldn't browse the other stalls or buy anything. Before he left, he offered some helpful selling hints (ie he told me to lay out the stuff more tidily).

The McBaby proved to be a bit of a draw and on several occasions I was offered 50p for him. I found this funny until the last time when someone made the joke as I noticed that my distraction provided an opportunity for a guy to steal one shoe out of a pair I was selling. WHY???

So anyway, all the left over stuff has gone to the clothes bank in the supermarket car park in aid of Newbury and District Cancer Care Trust and also to the British Heart Foundation shop.

I wonder if the person who dumped this at the tip had failed to sell it at the boot sale? I also wonder if they knew that you could donate such things as brand new games (see the GUess WHo? game there) and books (I tried to fish the Just William one out but was told off by a worker at the recycling centre) to the charity shop.


  1. I think they tend to sort through the stuff at the tip and donate or sell it anyway, i know the one in Winchester recycle around 90% of theirs.

    Great news on the car boot sale, did you manage to sell much? Also did you make much?!xx

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