Monday, 21 May 2012

Oxfam, Robert Sandilands School and Save the Children

Good morning!

Especially to Tinuke - I still haven't had the chance to put my new dress on and ask MrM to snap the resulting mess! Thanks for the lovely comment though!

And also to Dannie! Waves! Worry for moaning about the tip and thanks for reminding me that it does indeed get sorted. It really does annoy me though when people throw away perfectly good items. Not only is there a huge environmental impact, but on a more selfish note, landfill tax has doubled in the last few years, meaning that this gets passed on in higher council tax bills!

In the last few days, my charity "doings" have included:

1. Oxfam! I went back into my local shop which has been the subject of many moans on this blog. I had a bagful of bras to donate as they are "supporting" women around the world with a special collection.

2. Robert Sandilands School

I must learn to speak more loudly (and perhaps learn not to look foreign) as I had tremendous trouble buying a cake and then purchasing some raffle tickets at their Thursday morning fundraiser.

"HOw much are the tickets?"
"A pound a strip. WOuld you like blue or orange?"
"Oooh, can't decide. Two of each please"
"That's £6"
"Isn't it £4?"
"No, it's £6"
"How can it be £6?"
ADopts tone of a lady speaking to an old person who has just wet herself. "Each strip is £1. So two of each is £6"

Then another lady leans in, also adopting highly patient tone that you use to explain simple things to an idiot.

"SO it's £2 for the blue, £2 for the orange and £2 for the pink" - lifts up hitherto unseen pink book of raffle tickets.

I hand over £6 and run away. I then hear one say to the other, "throw those in the bin". I must have looked shocked as not only does she say, "oh not yours", but I win two prizes which do little for my self-esteem!

3. Save the Children

I take in two more bags. And then buy two more books!

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