Sunday, 27 May 2012

Victoria Park Nursery

There's a lot about my Thursday morning that is becoming a bit samey - cake, coffee, tombola tickets and buying children's books! Today was no different apart from two things. One is that I was about to buy a high chair for the McBaby but he screamed when I put him in it and I don't think I could have carried it home anyway.

The other is that we were given an incredible welcome by our 90-year old friend who shares his name with the McBaby. Today, we learned a bit more about his amazing action-packed life - he was a special constable; he was an electrical engineer and he was an extremely good shot. On top of this, he laughed at my purchase of a cookery book and reeled off some very inventive recipes which embarrassed me no end when I said that I often only cooked for me and it wasn't really worth making an effort (to add insult to injury, I was cramming a bit of Victoria (Park) Sponge in my mouth at the time).

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