Wednesday, 25 July 2012


I get quite a lot of racial abuse because I am stupid enough to look ever-so-slightly foreign. This is fine and a bit dull really, but when I am holding the McBaby, I find the racist comments much, much harder to take and in fact, for some reason, had a bit of a cry after abuse was doled out from one Corsa amongst a convoy of four souped-up chav mobiles speeding down our street and past me trying to cross the road with the baby in my arms.

So, rather than feel sorry for myself, I've started looking at houses and began my search in the town of WHitchurch where I stumbled upon a charity shop called Rotations.

I went in and handed over a bag of toiletries and dresses while pondering the nature of the charity; a welfare scheme for former helicopter pilots perhaps?

You are probably a step in front of me; it's called ROtations because the premises are rented out by a different charity every fortnight. CUrrently, it's a charity called Adonai which is a word from the Bible, meaning "extensive love".

One of the volunteers spent a lot of time telling me about the project - it's an educational charity for children in Uganda which gave me huge wanderlust and the desire to do more to help in Africa. I then pledged to buy a car seat for the McBaby but realised I had two pounds in my wallet which I then handed over for a 20p book. I literally gave her my last bit of cash, such was her enthusiasm!


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  1. I absolutely love Whitchurch and its a wonderful place to live as i have clients who live there. The community spirit is fantastic and they often all get together for things and put on events. Several of the roads are closed on New Years Eve and all the residents come out to the square to celebrate when the clock strikes midnight:-)