Thursday, 30 August 2012


Another day, another viewing at McTowers. So our decluttering efforts are on-going and today's donation shed a bit of light on why I find it so hard to get rid of stuff.

I have a beautiful bra given to me by MrM. Everytime I open my underwear drawer, it comes out and I look at it, wistfully sigh that it doesn't fit, hold it in my hand, wonder whether I should get rid of it, decide that it was a gift and put it back in.

He happened to be in the room last time I did this, so I simply said: "I love this. I know it was a present, but it doesn't fit so I wondered if you'd mind if I gave it to Oxfam's appeal?"

"Of course not. There's no point keeping it if it doesn't fit. I'll buy you one that does."

So there it is - my problem is getting rid of things that have some sort of sentimental attachment because they were given to me by someone I love. I've now taken it to Oxfam (where the lady, much to my delight, was very, very nice!) No guilt, no bad feeling, I didn't lose part of MrM when it left the house, and another item out, making my underwear drawer work much better for me!

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