Thursday, 23 August 2012

Sandham Memorial Chapel (National Trust)

Today's jumble sale was the National Trust, and more specifically, the property which is nearest to us: the wonderful Sandham Memorial Chapel.

Despite getting elbowed in the ribs from two women on either side, I managed to hand over another bag of donations, this time including a couple of tops, a bottle of aftershave with one squirt gone (I loved it, but more importantly, MrM did not) and some books. Our visit to the jumble sale happily coincided with a house viewing, so I guess my decluttering is nearly done!

Or is it? Because, despite pointing out a wholly inappropriate jumper on sale for 50p(someone had donated a sweater with a picture on the front that depicted what the Olympics would look like if naked and hosted in Spain - not really your usual National Trust fare which made the volunteer blush, but then roar with laughter) I then picked up this very on-trend owl cushion and a notebook (one of my weaknesses - I seem to think that my thoughts should be written down in beautiful stationery, but the truth is, they should stay in my head and not be written down at all - particularly in the blogosphere).

Next week: Diabetes. See you there!

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