Friday, 31 August 2012

Save the Children/RSPCA

My mum has been inspired by our decluttering and said our house looked great. High praise indeed from my mum.

I was taking a bag of things to the charity shop (a moneybox - with no money in it), some books and a couple of brand new handbags and she asked if she could contribute some things: some brand new curtains, a brand new duvet set, more handbags and another moneybox.

This required two trips; one to the RSPCA shop in Thatcham and one to the SAve the Children shop in Newbury where I picked up a book called A Drink with Shane Macgowan. Not only is it bad that I must buy something when things should be flowing OUTwards, but when I went to pay for it, they told me that the books were two-for-one!

Of course, there was nothing I wanted so I picked up a book on "seasonal living" telling you to live in tune with the seasons. It wasn't until I put both books in my handbag that I realised what a completely comical juxtaposition they made. I am loving the Shane Macgowan one and the other has already gone back to the charity shop. So much for clean living, eh?

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