Sunday, 26 August 2012

St John's Church/Headway/Brain Tumour UK

Nothing pleases me more than raising money for charity by eating cake which is exactly what the McBaby and I were encouraged to do at the Town Hall yesterday.

A gingerbread man? Don't mind if I do! Starting with the feet!

The mayor's weekly coffee morning raises money for a different charity each Saturday and today was the turn of Headway, a charity that I only heard of a few years ago when someone I knew through work died tragically:

The McBaby and I had just come from the craft stall in town where we donated to Brain Tumour UK, and before that we'd been to a jumble sale at St John's Church where I bumped into someone we knew. I casually mentioned that I had a couple of books to donate and that there were no books on sale. He looked surprised. "This isn't all of it! THere's another room back there!"

This room had cake, a tombola, toys and books aplenty. All unsignposted! To think I might have missed it!

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