Wednesday, 22 August 2012

The Salvation Army

This is one of my favourite charity shops in the town. Firstly, it has a great canalside location, right in the centre of Newbury, it's near one of my favourite pubs and it's always stocked with proper charity shop things priced to sell.

Not only that, but the volunteers are friendly and welcoming and the guy this morning who accepted my small donation was no exception and was lovely to both me and the McBaby.

We had a photographer come round to snap our house so it can on the market today, so I am decluttering as I go - today's offering was just a dress that no longer covers up all the bits I want it to but will look great on someone smaller, younger, slimmer etc.

Oh and a Keith Floyd cookbook that I have not used in 20 years - I doubt I will use it now!

I cunningly managed to leave my wallet in the car so resisted the volunteer's attempts to get me to buy baby clothes. It is lovely when you go into a charity shop and they chat to you and show you things they have that you would like. That's a service that you don't even get in most high street shops!

I think I will return with more donations tomorrow. And leaving my wallet in the car again seems like a good idea!

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