Saturday, 22 September 2012

Fairclose Day Centre

I didn't even know this was on today, but happened to be walking past on my way into town to get the Guardian. What could be more tempting than a sign saying "jumble sale and cakes"?

And this was the haul:

-one heritage Britain jigsaw for my honorary grandma (aged 96!)

-one fabulous 70s red dress

-one blue and white 60s dress

-one 80s dress that I shall make into bunting*

-one dress that I was going to make into bunting but will wear if it fits.

-one coffee cake for friends coming round tomorrow. The more THEY eat, the less for me, and the more likely that dress will fit.

-12 unused vintage teatowels including two from Blackpool and one from my home county of Dorset.

-another notebook. As if I have enough thoughts to fill all of these!

All in aid of old people in the town so I am more than happy with all of these, even though, believe it or not I had my eye on more stuff (two rubbish bins for the bedroom and tea sets of beautiful china) but the lady on the stall was getting a bit fed up of me!

On top of that, we bought a strip of raffle tickets, but I think we rendered ourselves ineligible to win because the McBaby ate them. This prompted a lovely volunteer to tell me, after she'd finished laughing at me, that her son had eaten a copy of the Singapore Times many years ago. When she changed his nappy, she discovered a scrap of paper in there with the word "sin" on it!!

*or beg someone else to! The sewing machine seems to be broken and I don't think the McBaby will let me do it by hand!

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