Thursday, 18 October 2012

Miriam Dean Fund

Cake, jumble, tombola? It must be Thursday!

I met all of our favourite people, including the highly-enviable Vicki who is my mothering guru. She has three beautiful children who are great fun and well-behaved. She never seems stressed, yet floats from activity to activity with no effort or drama. Compare with me - just one child; he and I are usually covered in cake, snot and other bits of dirt. I am late, harried, stressed and tired. HOW DO YOU DO IT, VICKI!!

Anyway, today's cake and tombola was in aid of the MIriam Dean Fund - a charity that helps the world's poorest people by such intriguingly named projects such as "The community cooker project" in Africa; the Rowswanic, and the "Loaves and fishes" network. As I eat cake and then go and meet friends for coffee on a Thursday, I often gaze at these pictures of amazing people going to India, Africa and so on, doing great, practical things and it always makes me think that I am wasting my life in rainy Newbury.

I have wanderlust. Are there any projects that could do with a useless person like me? And can I take the McBaby?

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