Saturday, 6 October 2012

St Michael's Hospice, Basingstoke

A drink for me, a biscuit for the McBaby, at the coffee morning at the Kingsclere Club held in aid of St MIchael's Hospice

We also bought the groceries below

before a lady sat down with a box at our table, saying she'd won it on the tombola.

"Are you not bursting to know what it is?" I asked as both the McBaby and I stared at it.

She wasn't as nosey as us, but opened it for us and it turned out to be a lovely set of brand new mugs. That made me decide to have a go, but before I could do so, another lady sitting at our table said she wanted to win something for the McBaby, and came back a couple of minutes later with a brand new oversized cup and saucer.

"Your son is just so lovely and smiley, I wanted to get him something", she said.

How touching - a complete stranger buying something for the little boy. Thank you!

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