Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Kindness Challenge Day 5: Give a Genuine Compliment to at Least 3 People

Today's challenge was to compliment three people. How interesting that all three of mine (and the other two that I dithered about) were all women!

1. I went to view a house today and I complimented the owner on her beautiful furniture and well-thought out layout.

She seemed pleased but might have felt that I was just buttering her up. Although thinking about it, if you like a house and want to buy it, you usually criticise it, so her reaction overall was probably one of confusion!

2. There's a lovely lady in the post office who is always so welcoming and friendly, despite my constant parcel sending. I told her how she makes my day.

She seemed pleased with this!

3. Nursery nurse

There's one nurse at the McBaby's nursery who the boy seems to gravitate to. I told her she was wonderful for being so kind and patient.

She seemed happy to hear this!

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