Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Tommy's and Oxfam

I've been reading a lot about "lagom" recently which is a Swedish word that seems to sum up the way I've been striving to live of late.

"Lagom" has no direct equivalent in English, but translates as having "enough". I've been decluttering like crazy for the last few months, to the point that visitors have remarked upon the house looking bigger and more spacious.

Today saw another three items fly out; a beautiful red, black and white skirt that I put into the Oxfam collection bin. The reason I got rid of it is that it has reflective bits of mirror on there that catch the light. Beautiful. Except with an inquisitive baby in the house, they tend to catch in his throat too!

Into the bank I also put a gorgeous winter coat that someone else can hopefully make use of, and a pair of dark blue curtains. Good luck Oxfam!

Then, I bought a new ink cartridge for my printer which of course meant recycling time for the old one. Apparently the money raised from recycling this goes to Tommy's

PS. If you're a blogger, please check out this page on the Tommy website for BLOGGERS!!

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