Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Pop! Save the Children

Do you send a lot of eBay parcels? Does a lot of your eBay profit get eaten up with packaging costs? Do you wish you were greener?

I am currently trying to sell everything I own to make a bit of money for the McBaby's college fund, so every time I go to the supermarket, I make sure I help myself to some bubble wrap when I'm buying my fruit. The supermarkets just throw it into landfill and then spend money on more packaging.

This saves me a fortune and gives my conscience a hug too. I use the bubble wrap to help protect my eBay parcels. I noticed a while back that a relatively small roll of bubble wrap is a ridiculous £3.99 in the post office.

However, my bubble wrap collection has got out of hand and we had a house viewing that needed preparing for, so I asked today in the Save the Children shop if they needed bubble wrap. Their reaction was one of the most positive I've had in a while and the volunteer showed me the basket behind the till that had one sheet in it!

So my charity thing for today was to donate bubble wrap and a book. Can you help a charity shop/your pocket/the environment by repurposing some bubble wrap?


  1. That's great and i am glad they were so welcoming of it.

    A while back i tried to give away on freecycle, a whole bin bag full of padded envelopes, mainly used, but great for repackaging and all the enevelopes were in good condition that you could use them again easily. However no one wanted them at all and sadly as i did not have the space for them, i had to chuck them. I really hate seeing the waste like that.

    1. Dannie - if you were a man, I would have proposed to you ages ago! Just loving your brilliant goals for next year - best of luck and have a lovely Christmas! xxx