Monday, 7 January 2013

Bits and bobs

I dragged four members of my family with me when I hit the charity shops of Sherborne last week, including Oxfam which I have never left empty-handed.

This visit was no exception as I came out laden with birthday cards and pre-printed thank you letters, in addition to a couple of vintage books!

I feel I should mention the Oxfam shop's near neighbour Joseph Weld which was brimming with stock and customers. There were two fabulous dresses in the window which one of my relatives decided were perfect for me, so she went in to find out the size and price. One of the volunteers dutifully clambered into the display and mimed through the window the size and price, before hitching up the leg suggestively and provocatively suggesting that MrM should buy them for me. She did make us laugh!

Back to Newbury and I went to my first jumble sale of 2013 which was in aid of Wicked Genes I bought a piece of cake and was served a piece that was half the size of the rest, but guess they looked at my expanding waistline and decided it was healthiest. I also bought a picnic hamper -

hopefully there will be an opportunity to use it in 2013 - the weather can't be worse than last year, can it?

We had to leave the event in a mad rush as the Mcbaby suddenly started screaming. And I mean screaming. I've never heard anything like it and judging by the number of looks shot our way, neither had anyone else. He was fine once we left!

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