Friday, 11 January 2013

Save the Children

Dear Save the Children

I brought in a bag of donations today including banners for 21st/30th birthday parties, a book on how to lose weight (perfect for this time of year) and a brand new calculator. The reason I left the bag by the door was that I was so embarrassed by my last donation of a box of Buckaroo.

I bought it so that we could play it over CHristmas instead of watching bad TV. However, the pieces were a bit small for the McBaby so I donated the box to your Newbury branch. Except the next time I did a load of washing I found that the McBaby had stowed one of the pieces in there. I then tried to bring the piece in to match with the box, but it was nowhere to be found.

Sorry for wasting the time of your volunteer. I can't help but feel I was a hindrance rather than a help.

Kind regards


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