Thursday, 28 February 2013

Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Fifty Shades of Grey...

Last week's coffee morning at St Nicolas was a fundraiser for their near namesake St Nicholas Church in Beedon.

I bought a book for my lovely friend (a bit of Rose Tremain), an old-fashioned alarm clock and won a primrose on the tombola.

We also bought a couple of cakes (which the McBaby later sat on) and had a chuckle about our friend MrT who bought this book. I can't wait for him to let me know what he thought!!

Monday, 25 February 2013

Cornwall Air Ambulance

I have started working for myself, so it was with great pleasure that I wrote this release for a member of my family following their support of this charity, the Cornwall Air Ambulance

Thursday, 21 February 2013

West Berkshire Alzheimer's Society update on street collection

Nice letter from the Alzheimer's Society on the fundraising that we did a few weeks ago. I love it when people say thank you!

On behalf of the Alzheimer's Society I would like to belatedly thank you for your fantastic help at the collection last month in Newbury. I didn't want to get in touch until I could confirm the amount raised and we have only recently done the banking for the last few weeks' income.
You played an instrumental part in helping us to raise a fantastic £204.27, and to put that amount into perspective, £184 could pay for six people with dementia and their carer to enjoy one of our Singing for the Brain® sessions, which bring people together in a friendly and stimulating environment and use singing to enhance communication, confidence and well-being.

As you may be aware, dementia is caused by diseases of the brain. As the brain shuts down, a person gradually loses the ability to do the things many of us take for granted from enjoying conversations with family or friends to eating or dressing without help. There are 800,000 people with dementia in the UK with numbers set to rise to one million by 2021. Now more then ever it is vital to ensure that those affected by dementia get the best support that they can.

With the money we raise locally, such as the amount you raised at the collection, we are able to continue to support people to live well today and fight for a world without dementia tomorrow. So thank you again for your support -we couldn't do it without you.

Many thanks again

Thursday, 14 February 2013

#KindnessChallenge Day 13: Give Someone a Treat

I completely forgot about the Kindness Challenge and thought I'd finished it until I was looking for an email and came across it again!

And day 13 (which most people did months ago) is to give someone a treat which I happened to do yesterday.

I listed a car seat on Freecycle ages ago and had nothing but troublesome responses. People wanting to inspect it then asking if it came with a sunshade, or a remote control, or a digital voice enhancer.

Not one of them said please or thank you.

But then I saw a post on freecycle and offered it to a nice lady who said she'd collect. But then I thought - why don't I deliver it to you? You must be quite pregnant and not wanting to travel.

So I said I'd deliver it to her work as that was most convenient for her.

Except the place that I thought was her work, wasn't.

I walked up and down and up and down the street for an hour looking for it.

And emailed her to say my son was getting cold and she gave me directions, so I dropped it off to find she was lovely and very grateful, so hopefully everyone's a winner here!

Isn’t it nice when you get a treat from someone? Be it when a friend foots for your bill, when your tab gets mysteriously paid for, or when someone buys you a meal out of the blue?

For one reason or another, I often get treated by others. When I was traveling in Europe and United States last year, the friends I made there and the people who hosted me would graciously treat me time and again. Even in Singapore, I often get treats from others out of the blue.

I never expect any of those people to treat me, but they do anyway. (While we’re on the topic of treats, I actually don’t expect guys to treat me on dates either, because I think it’s not fair to expect the other party to pay just because he is a guy.) Whenever someone offers to foot the bill for me, I’m always pleasantly surprised. I just feel I’m so blessed and lucky to be surrounded by such gracious and generous individuals.

Because I often get treats, I know how good it feels to receive a treat. While I’ve been brought up with the notion of going dutch, I realized that giving others treats is quite a wonderful feeling. Not just for the recipient, but for yourself as the person giving you the treat. I’ve adopted the practice of giving others treats since my world trip and I say it has made me a more generous person. It has made me less definitive on boundaries between me and others and instead embrace the oneness ideology (not just emotionally or mentally, but now fiscally as well).

So, your task today is to give someone a treat!

COINS -Christian Outreach in Newbury Schools

We've missed a couple of Thursday coffee mornings with holidays, magazine test drives and work getting in the way, so it was nice to be back this morning.

I bought the McBaby a cheese scone and some carrot cake for me - he ate both. We managed to hold onto the romantic biscuit (pictured) that is my only nod to Valentine's day to MrM, apart from the heart (for a £1 donation) in my post about the British Heart Foundation.

We also bought two DVDs, a hi-vis jacket (in case we break down in the campervan), a colourful Indian top and some showergel.

To my shame, I also tutted at a woman who won two prizes on the tombola and moaned that she didn't want them and wanted to swap them for other prizes.

I poked my enormous nose in and said: "That's not how a tombola works".

She glared at me, but the youngster on the tombola let her do it.

"I didn't want to let her but she was scary", she said.

Poor girl. But do we let people take the best prizes and get their way at charity fundraisers because they're "scary"? Bet they're pleased to see me back again after our hiatus!


Save the Children


Save the Children is moving a couple of doors down the road in Newbury and are clearing out their current stock which means that they are selling everything. You can FILL a carrier bag for £5 which I duly did...

British Heart Foundation

Saturday, 9 February 2013

Bags of Love!

"Be the change you want to see in the world" - Gandhi.

I have been ambushing people in the supermarket with my spare bags for life this week.

It bugs me like crazy to see people spend £100+ on groceries but not think to take any bags with them. The supermarket will provide some disposable ones that we can discard and they'll eventually end up in the food chain!

As I have NO sewing skills at all and therefore can't make Morsbags, I've decided to give people the Bags for Life I have in my kitchen cupboard.

The first one was Thursday when we had to swing by the supermarket after a week away. On the way in, a man in a Land Rover nearly took all three of us by failing to stop as we crossed at the pretty black and white lines painted across the road.

Of course, he ended up behind us in the queue. He had bought lots of porridge and asked the staff member for some bags.

I leapt in (My husband thought I was going to admonish him for not driving carefully and tried to stop me- hahaha!) and offered him a Bag for LIfe which he was about to refuse. "I just lose them" but I insisted. "Doesn't matter - at least you'll save plastic today".

Then, I needed some milk this morning and stopped by Waitrose and ended up in the queue behind someone who spend £250 on groceries. (No, it didn't occur to her to let me and my one item in front of her). SHe had brought some bags, but not quite enough, and was quite grateful when I offered her mine. She also had a Land Rover and nearly backed into me as I crossed the road - there's a pattern here! Massive gas guzzlers and people who don't really pay much attention to others...

Anyway, my plan is in motion....

Please join me!

Also, I've opened an antiques stall in Hungerford, so if you're in the town or in Newbury and you have a drawer rammed full of carrier bags, please let me know and I'd be delighted to collect them from you to give them another use. I'll be tweeting soon using #bagsofloveNewbury.

Thanks for reading and stay green!

Thursday, 7 February 2013

Cats Protection/Thatcham Town Football Club

Ah, the six weekly-elbowfest that is the Cat Protection jumble. I was far too bruised and injured to take any pictures of the event but I bought a bunch of old cameras and two framed photos in aid of Cats Protection.

I was so punch-drunk that I managed to drop one of the frames as I put it into the campervan, breaking all of the glass into millions of shards that scattered all over my handbag.


I still love this particular jumble sale though and will be back next time on Saturday, 23rd March! (Remember if you're a buyer though that I'll be selling at the Acland Hall, Cold Ash on Saturday, 9th March first!)

More dates here:

Sunday was the Thatcham Town Football Club table top sale with lots of grumpy chavs refusing to make eye contact and selling paperback copies of Jordan's autobiography.