Saturday, 9 February 2013

Bags of Love!

"Be the change you want to see in the world" - Gandhi.

I have been ambushing people in the supermarket with my spare bags for life this week.

It bugs me like crazy to see people spend £100+ on groceries but not think to take any bags with them. The supermarket will provide some disposable ones that we can discard and they'll eventually end up in the food chain!

As I have NO sewing skills at all and therefore can't make Morsbags, I've decided to give people the Bags for Life I have in my kitchen cupboard.

The first one was Thursday when we had to swing by the supermarket after a week away. On the way in, a man in a Land Rover nearly took all three of us by failing to stop as we crossed at the pretty black and white lines painted across the road.

Of course, he ended up behind us in the queue. He had bought lots of porridge and asked the staff member for some bags.

I leapt in (My husband thought I was going to admonish him for not driving carefully and tried to stop me- hahaha!) and offered him a Bag for LIfe which he was about to refuse. "I just lose them" but I insisted. "Doesn't matter - at least you'll save plastic today".

Then, I needed some milk this morning and stopped by Waitrose and ended up in the queue behind someone who spend £250 on groceries. (No, it didn't occur to her to let me and my one item in front of her). SHe had brought some bags, but not quite enough, and was quite grateful when I offered her mine. She also had a Land Rover and nearly backed into me as I crossed the road - there's a pattern here! Massive gas guzzlers and people who don't really pay much attention to others...

Anyway, my plan is in motion....

Please join me!

Also, I've opened an antiques stall in Hungerford, so if you're in the town or in Newbury and you have a drawer rammed full of carrier bags, please let me know and I'd be delighted to collect them from you to give them another use. I'll be tweeting soon using #bagsofloveNewbury.

Thanks for reading and stay green!

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