Monday, 11 March 2013

West Berkshire Foster Parents Association/Scope

I went to a very useful blogging conference on Friday where there was a discussion about helping charities and how bloggers chose which ones to help.

"After all, people don't want to read about charity every day - they'll switch off", said one prolific blogger.

So, safe in the knowledge that I'm wittering to myself, I'm going to share my bank account details. I mean share what we did on Saturday.

MrM, the Mcbaby and I sold a good load of our stuff at a boot sale in aid of the West Berkshire Foster Parents Association on Saturday.

MrM is usually terrified of boot sales, but it was fortunate he was there as the McBaby was the ultimate shopper deterrent and had to be kept outside on a swing.

I think the expression on the face of the woman on the left of this pic says it all:

I'm always stunned by what people buy. No one wanted a Cath Kidston-esque shopping bag, but there was plenty of interest in some old candles and old jeans. Our friend MrT, a veteran of local boot sales bought a vase which I then saw him wrestle into his motorbike panier. I wasn't too surprised that Gordon Honeycombe's book on the wedding of Prince Andrew to Sarah Ferguson remained unsold.

We made enough money for a couple of drinks and a contribution towards lunch for friends, and gave the remainder of the stuff to the Scope shop in town.

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